Mermaid Cream

Mermaid Cream

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what it is

Our Mermaid Cream is an absolute customer favorite.

With its cushiony-smooth texture, this deeply-penetrating, non-greasy moisturizer is the perfect addition to your skin care ritual. The high oceanic mineral content helps stimulate natural skin cell detoxification and collagen production which results in a gloriously smooth, clear, glowing complexion. Along with the ocean minerals, botanical hyaluronic acid, plant seed oils, spirulina, and a host of antioxidant-rich plant and berry extracts combine to replenish nutrients vital to healthy skin while restoring balanced hydration. Even better - makeup won't slip or run when applied over it!

- A light, fresh, non-greasy cream that will create balanced and nourished skin- Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated, nourished and “awake”- Eco-friendly marine minerals rapidly restore firmness to tired and worn skin- Boost collagen production while filling in existing wrinkles. Anti-radiation properties found in this cream protect from daily and long term sun damage and progressive aging of the skin- Works beautifully under makeup- No harsh synthetics or parabens that can result in dry, sensitive skin

Size: 2-ounce frosted glass jar. Suitable for all skin types. Unscented. The perfect accompaniment to our Exfoliating Toners